The Apron Memory Game

The Apron Memory Game

Executive Summary

The Apron Memory Game will test your home economic and memory skills.

Quick Facts

  • The Apron Memory Game
  • A cheap fun game for the bachelorette party

The Apron Memory Game

This game and this gift giving ceremony are best played with a young bride-to-be who doesn't have a well-stocked kitchen. You will be playing a fun guessing game and stocking her kitchen utensils drawer at the same time.

On the party invitation you can mention that each guest should bring a kitchen utensil. The party host will supply an apron and some safety pins.

As the guests arrive, politely take the utensil that they have provided and hide it. Just before playing the game, start to pin the utensils to the apron. You can enlist the help of the bride, but you can't really enlist anyone else because it wouldn't allow them to play the game. Pin the items to the apron in a private location out of view of the guests.

Have the bride wear the apron in front of all of the guests. This is her moment of fashion. She is walking the catwalk. Have her walk around the room for about a minute. Then have the bride go into another room. Now, the guests will try to list all of the items that they can remember being attached to the apron.

The bride can come back into the room, but she has to leave the apron behind. Then she can judge everyone's guesses to determine who had the most items correct. The person with the most wins the game (you can make her a cocktail). The apron and all of the utensils are given to the bride.