Candy Necklace Eating Contest

Candy Necklace Eating Contest

Executive Summary

See which one of your friends can remover her candy necklace the fastest—with only her mouth!

Quick Facts

  • Candy Necklace Eating Contest
  • Who can eat their candy necklace the fastest?
  • A great bachelorette party game!

Candy Necklace Contest

Supplies Needed:
Candy Necklaces

Give each party guest one candy necklace and have her place it over the wrist of her weak hand (if she is right-handed, put it on her left wrist).

When someone yells, "Go," everyone tries to eat their necklace the fastest. They can't remove the necklace from their wrist or use their other hand, or else they are disqualified. You should probably have someone take picture of this process: it will be messy and priceless!

See which one of your friends has the most talented tongue. Reward the talented girl with party favors or drinks. And, of course, let every guy at the bar know about her talents.