First/Worst Kiss Game

First/Worst Kiss Game

Executive Summary

Gather round to share gruesome stories of your worst kisses.

Quick Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Ideas
  • Tell tales of your worst dates and kisses

The Worst Kiss Ever

Here is a fun last minute bachelorette party game. Everyone remembers their first kiss, but some of us might like to forget it. The bride should start by telling the story of the first time she and her fiance kissed. The guests should "ooh" and "ahh" about how romantic it sounds.

Now, onto the good stuff. Each guest can then tell her own story of her absolute worst kiss. Tell about the time you got a really sloppy one and were left with drool on your lip, or the time a guy with really bad breath leaned over for a smooch. And don't be afraid to stop at bad kissing stories! Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves to hear about awful sex.

Everyone can decide which bad kiss was the worst and the bride will be left thinking her first kiss was "so romantic." A great bonding idea brought to you by