Groom In A Balloon Game - Instructions

Groom In A Balloon Game - Instructions

Executive Summary

Play Groom In a Balloon at any bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Quick Facts

  • Write names of hot guys and grody guys on slips of paper
  • Insert them into pecker balloons and blow up
  • Pass the balloons out and pop!

How to Play Groom In a Balloon

Groom in a Balloon is a simple, fun to play bachelorette party game. Some people call this game "Dud or Stud," at a bachelorette party, but for a bridal shower, the name "Groom in a Balloon" is better. The team will show you how to play.

To play this fun bachelorette party game, start by getting some paper and markers. Make it more fun by using old-school construction paper and brightly colored pens. Now find an old yearbook or brainstorm names of the bachelorette's friends and acquaintances over the years. Cut the paper into small pieces and write the names of the hottest and fugliest guys she knows on the slips of paper. Each slip of paper gets one name. If she doesn't hang out with lots of guys, use the names of celebrities.

Now drop a slip of paper into each party balloon, and blow them up! Blow up enough balloons for all of your guests. Pass out the balloons, one for each girl. Have each guest pop their balloon: the name on the slip of paper is the girl's date for the evening.

Groom in a Balloon is a fun game for a house party. You can set up the balloons before the party or you can brainstorm hot and ugly guys as a group, as another party activity.

You Will Need:
A few packages of balloons
Pens or markers
Something to pop balloons with