How Well Does She Know Him?

How Well Does She Know Him?

Executive Summary

Learn a really fun Bachelorette Party Game. How Well Does She Know Him? is a really fun game that can be played at a bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Quick Facts

  • How Well Does She Know Him?
  • Easy to play
  • 20 questions about the groom

20 Questions: The Groom

How well does the bride know the groom?

Before the party, ask the groom 20 or so questions about himself. At the bachelorette party, have everyone ask how well they think the bride knowes her groom. Have them write down how many of the twenty questions they think she will get right.

You can even take bets! After all, this is a bachelorette party game. Have everyone give you a buck and the winner will get 1/2 of the money. The other half can be spent buying drinks for the bachelorette.

Some question ideas:

1. What was kind of animal was his first pet?

2. What was its name?

3. What is his favorite music group?

4. What is his favorite color?

5. What is his favorite meal that the bride has made?

6. What was the worst meal?

7. How many times does the groom fart a day? (This is my favorite one.)

8. Does the groom plan to put the seat down?

9. Will he take out the garbage?

10. What is the wildest place they have ever made whoopie?

11. How old is his oldest pair of underwear?

12. How old was he when he had his first kiss, etc.

13. What day did he say is their anniversary?

14. What exact words did he say when he asked her to marry him?

15. What is his favorite football team?

16. What is his favorite car?

17. What brand of beer does he drink?

18. Will his wife be getting him "one from the fridge" after they are married?

19. When was the last time he dusted under his bed?

20. What does he like on his pizza?

Add some juicy questions and this game will be a big hit. Questions that have yes/no answers, or use numbers, specific days, or times are really good.

When you are done asking the groom the questions, ask him how many of them he thinks the bride will get right. Compare his guess to her performance. End the game with a toast to the couple learning more about each other than they may be comfortable with.

This is one of my favorite games. The look on the bride's face when she learns that her husband-to-be farts 20 times per day is always priceless.