Pass The Bouquet

Pass The Bouquet

Executive Summary

Pass the Bouquet is a Hot Potato game that you can play at any party, including a bachelorette party.

Quick Facts

  • Pass the Bouquet
  • A cheap and easy game

A Bachelorette Party Bouquet Game

This is just like a game of hot potato or musical chairs, but this game uses a bouquet.

You will need:

A bouquet of something (toilet paper roses are cool)
Some music (such as a love song collection)
Have the guests draw straws or name a scapegoat to control the music. The DJ will stand with her back to the rest of the party-goers, controlling when the music stops.

Everyone else stands in a circle with their back to the center. While the music plays, participants have to pass the bouquet to the person next to them. The person with the bouquet when music stops is eliminated. The last person standing is the winner. Just like musical chairs or hot potato.