Preparing For A Male Stripper

Preparing For A Male Stripper

Executive Summary

What to do when the stripper comes over.

Quick Facts

  • A guide to interacting with your male stripper
  • What to do and say
  • What NOT to do or say!

Preparing for Your Male Stripper

Here it is, the big day. You are attending your first Bachelorette Party. It might be your own, it might be a friend’s. Either way you know there will be a stripper there. What do you do? Here is some valuable advice from the experts at

Go along with the gag. If the guy comes dressed as a pizza man, tell him you like extra pepperoni and sausage. If he comes dressed as a fireman, tell him you are feeling a little hot. It is much more fun if you play the game and flirt a little. You can be sure he will flirt back. It won't matter though, he is gross and he probably doesn't like girls, but it is fun anyway.

Make sure the bride-to-be gets hers. The stripper is here for her so make sure that she is the center of the attention. If you are the bride, your best bet is to play along. You'll have fun and your friends will too.

Things the bride-to-be can say to get a laugh:
  • What are you doing on ____(wedding date)_____?
  • Wow! Are they supposed to be that big?
  • What do you think you are doing?
  • Jim (groom’s name)? Jim who?
  • I'm still single!
  • I've never seen that (one of those) before.
  • Come to Mama!

Things anyone can say or do to spice it up:
  • Tell him you have been naughty.
  • Roll up a dollar bill and place it: behind your ear; in your teeth; in your cleavage; in the waist of your pants; between your knees; or somewhere on the bride.

Other things:
  • Make sure there is a chair for the bride-to-be to sit on. Position it in the center of the room so that she is the center of attention. The stripper will know what to do from there.
  • Tell the stripper the bride-to-be's name.
  • Bring lots of singles. There is an old saying: With strippers, five $1 bills are worth more than one $5 bill.
  • You might not be able to take pictures of the stripper once he starts doing his thing. He might let you take his picture after he is dressed again.
  • If you are going to a strip club, try to call ahead and get a table by the stage. That is where all of the action is.
  • Don't try to get involved with the stripper. There are probably 5-10 terrible things that are likely to happen (yes, they include the clap and crabs). All of your friends will know about it and you will regret it forever.

Have a few drinks and a great time! is the only place where you will find such great advice for your girls’ night out.