Man-Beads Game - Bachelorette Party Game

Man-Beads Game - Bachelorette Party Game

Executive Summary

The Man-Beads Game challenges your party guests to act like men for as long as they can.

Quick Facts

  • Man-Beads Game
  • A cheap, fun bachelorette party game

The Man-Beads Game

Supplies Needed:
Mardi Gras Beads - At least a string of beads per person.

Pass out strings of beads to each guest. Explain that these are special Manly-Man Beads and that if you don't act like a manly man, they will be taken away. After everyone has a string of beads and understands the rules, the game begins.

The Rules:
Manly men do not cross their legs. So to keep your Manly- Man beads you cannot cross your legs or ankles. If another player catches you with your legs crossed, she can steal all of your beads. Manly men do not complain about guys, say they've broken a nail, whine about gaining weight, or talk about Brad Pitt.

Manly men drink shitty beer. They talk about sports and grab their balls (hey, not each other's balls ... their own balls). Manly men beat their chests and fight over baseball trivia. They quote "The Godfather." They eat Doritos and get crumbs stuck in their beards. Capiche? Caposh!

The Man-Beads Game is easy-to-play and requires very little in the way of supplies. You will soon find out who, out of your group of friends, is the girliest of the girly-girls.