Top Ten Accessories

From her tiara and veil to her sash, the Bachelorette's outfit is a very important aspect of a bachelorette party to plan out - you want to make sure she gets all the attention she deserves, after all! But in addition to these big items, there's lots of little accessories you can add on to complete the look. For the best buttons, rings, garters and more to make your bride-to-be stand out, check out our Top Ten Accessories!

Pink Lace Garter#10: Pink Lace Garter

This cute and frilly Pink Lace Garter should be right at home in most bachelorette parties, and it's an easy and affordable way to add a little pizazz to the bride-to-be's outfit!

Game Over Button#9: Game Over Button

Of course she's excited to be getting married, but chances are there's some things about single life that she's going to miss. This Game Over Button will help her convey those feelings that this is her last night of total freedom!

Light Up Bling Rings#8: Light Up Diamond Rings

These diamond rings aren't only huge, they even light up! I bet the ring that he got her doesn't do that! These make a fun and bridal accessory for everyone to wear at the bachelorette party.

Booty Inspector Badge#7: Booty Inspector Badge

See a hot guy at the bar? Just reveal this badge, and he'll have no choice but to comply when you request that he turn around and spread em. This hilarious badge designates you as an Official Booty Inspector from the Department of Just Tush.

Penis Ring Pops#6: Penis Ring Pops

Now here's a ring that looks so delectable you could just eat it all up! And unlike all those fancy rings full of diamonds and gemstones, with these rings, you actually can! Part fashion accessory, part snack!

Candy Garter#5: Candy Garter

Here's another edible fashion accessory: the Candy Garter! She'll look extra sexy wearing this colorful garter around her leg, and if she gets hungry, she can just reach down and pop off a little snack, if that's not too scandalous for her!

Bride Button#4: Bride Button

Other accessories beat around the bush, but not the Bride Button. This cute pink button clips onto her clothes or anywhere else and proclaims loudly for the world to see that yes, she is the bride!

Shot Glass Ring#3: Shot Glass Diamond Ring

This might just be the biggest diamond ring we've ever seen. And it has to be, to fit a full shot's worth of alcohol inside it - because this fun accessory also doubles as a fully functional shot glass for the bride!

Flashing Bride to Be Garter#2: Flashing Bride to Be Garter

To us, this is the ultimate accessory for a bachelorette. This garter is white, conveying purity, and lacy, conveying sexiness, two qualities that a bride-to-be embodies all at once! It also says who she is in sparkling pink letters, and lights up with built-in LEDs!

Bachelorette ID Buttons#1: Bachelorette ID Buttons

The Bachelorette ID Button Set is our favorite fashion accessory for bachelorette parties because it's not just an accessory for the bachelorette, but for the entire party! This assortment of 12 buttons has something fun that everyone at the party can wear!