Top 9 Bachelor Party Items

We may be called, but that doesn't mean that we're only here for the ladies! We also have plenty of supplies and advice for throwing a kickass Bachelor party. If you want to pimp your party out with some decorations and games that he'll love, check out our Top 9 Bachelor Party Items!

#9: Sour Patch Pussies

They’re fruity sour candies, similar to sour patch kids, but, y’know, shaped... a little differently. As it says on the package, they’re “Sweet n’ sour chewy pussy soft candy.” Um. “Chewy Pussy?” That’s a phrase you don’t hear every day.


Boob Football#8: Boob Football

What do guys love? Boobs. What else do guys love? Football. Put them together, and you've got a recipe for one of the best bachelor party gifts ever: the Boob Football!

Stud Undies#7: Stud Undies

Now here's a gag gift that'll get everyone at the party laughing: Stud Undies! This novelty underwear features an incredibly long pouch sticking out of the front. What could that possible be for? Certainly nothing that the groom possesses...

Boob Beach Ball#6: Boobie Beach Ball

There are lots of fun games you can play at a bachelor party, but we can't think of many that would be more fun than tossing around a beach ball shaped like a big boob! This is especially great for outdoor parties in the summer, bonus points if you're on an actual beach!

Boob Water Gun#5: Boobie Water Gun

Sneak up on your friends and squirt them with the Boobie Water Gun... they'll only be mad until they see what it is that hit them, and then they'll be overjoyed! The Boobie Water Gun is also a fun way to dispense alcohol directly to guests!

Pussy Bites#4 Pussy Bites

Pussy Bites are our favorite bachelor party snack! Not only are they incredibly realistically detailed and individually wrapped, they are an absolutely delicious strawberry flavor. Some of the highest quality bachelor party candy we've ever seen!

Jane Blowup Doll#3: Plain Jane Blowup Doll

What's a bachelor party without a stripper? Okay, but there's lots of reasons why you can't hire a stripper. Too expensive, the wife said no, etc. But a blowup doll is the next best thing, and this one is so affordable and ugly that we can't imagine anyone having a problem with it!

Boob Beer Topper#2: Boobie Beer Topper

Have you ever wanted to drink beer straight from a tit? Um, duh, of course you have, what guy hasn't? Well now you can, thanks to the Boobie Beer Topper! Make sure you get enough for every guy at the party though, or they'll be jealous!

Boob Cake Pan#1: Boob Cake Pan

Our #1 item for bachelor parties is an old classic: the boob cake pan! Men have been baking boob cakes for bachelor parties pretty much since bachelor parties were a thing, and we can guarantee that a boob cake will be an absolute smash hit at your party!