Top Nine Bachelorette Party Decorations

If you're throwing your upcoming bachelorette party at someone's house, you know it's going to take a little more effort than just going out to the bar would. You've got to transform your regular old home into a bridal party palace! And what better way to do that than with our favorite bachelorette party decorations?

Car Decorations Kit#9: Car Decorations Kit

This one's at the bottom of the list since we're mostly focusing on decorating your home here, but if you're going out on the town this is a great way to pimp your ride and let everyone know who you are!

Photo Props#8: Bachelorette Photo Props

You're obviously going to be taking lots of photos to commemorate this fun occasion, so why not make those photos even more fun with these silly bachelorette party photo props!

Risque Balloons#7: Risque Party Balloons

What's a party without some balloons? These Risque Balloons come in a rainbow of colors, and when you look closely you'll see that they're perfect for bachelorette parties, because they're covered in penises!

Pink Penis Centerpiece#6: Pink Penis Centerpiece

This Penis Centerpiece is, somehow, one of the most elegant centerpieces we've ever seen, despite the fact that it's a giant hot pink penis. We think it will really tie the room together and make an excellent decoration for your party.

Outta Control Caution Tape#5: Outta Control Caution Tape

This caution tape reads "Caution: Bachelorette Party. Danger: Wild Women" and makes an excellent decoration for the outside of the house, to let guests know what they're getting into and neighbors know to steer clear!

Penis Confetti#4: Penis Confetti

Everybody seems to hate confetti, for some reason, but we think they just haven't seen the right confetti yet. Penis confetti is nothing but fun. How could anyone be upset about cleaning little sparkly penises out of their carpet for weeks to come?

Penis Soap#3: Penis Soap

Penis Soap makes it high on our list because we love the shock value of it. One of the bridesmaids will go into the bathroom, go about her business as normal then go to wash her hands and... ta-da! You've got to grab onto a hot pink penis to get your hands clean!

Long Pecker Balloons#2: Long Pecker Party Balloons

Long Pecker Party Balloons are our favorite balloons for bachelorette parties. While some balloons have penises drawn on them, these ones are actually shaped like penises - and mighty long ones, at that! Your guests won't be able to keep their hands off of em.

Bachelorette Party Letter Banner#1: Bachelorette Party Letter Banner

Our number one favorite bachelorette party decoration is the classic Bachelorette Party Letter Banner. With its white, pink and purple color scheme and its lack of penises anywhere, it can comfortably fit into any and all bachelorette parties, and adds a fun festive flair to the room!