Top 8 Bar or Club Games

If you want your bachelorette to be showered with all the attention she deserves at her bachelorette party, then you've got to go out to a bar or club. That way it won't just be her girlfriends paying her homage, but all the strangers who see what a wild time you're having! And party games can make your wild night out even wilder, and might even help her get a free drink or two. Here are our Top 8 Games to Play at a Bar or Club!

Bachelorette Party Pin#8: Bachelorette Party Pin

If your bachelorette is the type of person who could lose half the yahtzee dice and all the 'E's in Scrabble, she might be interested in the Bachelorette Party Pin - she can wear all the components of this fun dare game right on her chest, so it's impossible to lose!

Bar Challenge Cards#7: Bachelorette Bar Challenge Cards

Bachelorette Bar Challenge is another challenge game, where you'll all have to perform various dares, usually involving other patrons of the bar. We like this one the best because it feels more complete, with a full deck's worth of dares to face.



Willy Says#6: Willy Says

Willy Says is just like Simon Says - but instead of some random guy named Simon, in this game, the one telling you what to do will be a silly pink cartoon penis! It's the first time we've actually listened to what a dick tells us to do.

Where's Dildo#5: Where's Dildo?

Forget Waldo, I'd much rather search for Dildo! Where's Dildo is a photo scavenger hunt game in which teams will compete to take photos of Dildo in as many wild situations as they can. Perfect for a night out on the town 

Suck for a Buck#4: Suck for a Buck

Suck for a Buck is a game that'll help you make back some of the money you're spending at the bar! Just invite guys you meet to remove one of the candy packs from the bachelorette's bib, using their mouth if they dare - but they have to pay you first! It's not called "Suck for Free!

Would You Ever? Game#3: Would You Ever / Did You Ever?

It can't all be about penises! Would You Ever / Did You Ever is a game where you and your friends will ask each other questions about what you have done or what you would do if given the opportunity. It's not covered in dicks like a lot of other bachelorette party games, making it good for classier parties, but that doesn't mean things won't get naughty if your friends want them to!

Five Card Studs#2: Five Card Studs

Five Card Studs is an absolutely classic bachelorette party game. In this game, you'll be given cards depicting different stereotypical men - then it's your job to search the bar or club for men who fit these stereotypes and perform crazy dares with them! 

Bachelorette's Last Ride#1: Bachelorette's Last Ride
Bachelorette’s Last Ride is a scavenger hunt-type of bar game, where girls will take turns going around the bar trying to complete 25 different challenges and earning points for those they complete. But what sets it apart from other scavenger hunt games is that most of these challenges involve the Studly Stallion.