Top Eight Inflatables for Bachelorette Parties - 2018

Hunky inflatable men? Check. Silly inflatable penises? Check. We've got all the inflatable party supplies you need to ensure that your bachelorette party is really "blowing up." Here are's Top Eight Inflatables for your Bachelorette Party!

Blowup Midget Ring Toss

#8: Blowup Midget Ring Toss

So, personally we like our inflatable men to be a little taller than two feet, which is why this little guy's so low on the list. But if you're looking for an inflatable man that's also a fun bachelorette party game to play, then he more than makes up for his short stature in fun!

Harry the Cheap Date#7: Harry the Cheap Date Doll

We're not the biggest fans of Harry the Cheap Date. He doesn't have any working parts or holes, and his face is just plain creepy. But, he's one of the cheapest blowup dolls we've ever seen, so it's hard to argue with that - if you're planning a party on a budget, Harry's the doll for you!

Pecker Smackers Game Bachelorette Party
#6: Pecker Smackers


Whether you're playing drinking games or just smacking each other's asses at the bachelorette party, Pecker Smackers are a great way to add a little fun!


Justin Love Doll#5: Justin the Love Doll

If you're going to spring a lot of money for a blowup doll, you might as well go all the way. Justin the Love Doll is our most expensive inflatable here at, but he's also our most deluxe. For example: that certain part of his anatomy? Yeah, it vibrates. Just imagine the fun you can have with that.

Tyler Knight Blowup Doll#4: Tyler Knight Inflatable Doll

Lots of bachelorette party inflatable dolls are caucasian, and we think it's important to have a little variety in life. The Tyler Knight doll is the best African-American inflatable doll we've seen, so if that's the sort of stud your bachelorette is into, he's a great choice!

Mr. Stud Blowup Doll#3: Mr. Stud Blowup Doll

Mr. Stud is our original and bestselling inflatable man for bachelorette parties. He's affordable, he's high-quality, and his face is.... uh, well, we wouldn't go so far as to say "handsome," but he looks a lot better than some other dolls we've seen!

Dueling Dicks#2: Dueling Dicks

Have you ever wanted to smack somebody around with your big ol' dick, only to be disappointed by the fact that you don't have one of those? Worry not! Dueling Dicks is here to solve your woes. This hilarious bachelorette party game is a sort of swordfight using a pair of goofy inflatable dicks!

Captain Pecker#1: Captain Pecker

Here he is, the dick, the myth, the legend... CAPTAIN PECKER! Captain Pecker is the #1 inflatable for your bachelorette party by far. This huge inflatable dick is nearly 6 feet tall, which is large enough to ride around the bar like a pony, use as a punching bag, all sorts of wild things! Our favorite inflatable by far!