Top Ten Penis Pops

Penis Pops are an essential addition to any bachelorette party - no wonder they've been best sellers ever since was launched! They're the easiest way to add a little naughtiness to the party, and they make a great snack to accompany all the booze you're drinking. Because they're so popular, there's lots of different penis pops out there, so how can you know which to get? That's where the party planning experts at come in. Here are our Top Ten Favorite Penis Pops for Bachelorette Parties. 

Succulent Penis Pop
#10: Succulent Penis Pop

The Succulent Penis Pop is three inches long, white flesh-colored, inexpensive and tasty! It's as some of our other penis pops, but it's a solid option all around!

White Chocolate Penis Sucker with Cum
#9: White Chocolate Cum Pop

The Chocolate Cum Pop is the most realistic chocolate penis pop we've ever seen - complete with dribbling cum to gross out the bachelorette!


Big Chocolate Penis Sucker#8: Big Black Chocolate Penis Sucker

When you think of a lollipop, you probably think of fruit-flavored hard candy - but that's not the only kind of penis pop out there! We also have some delicious chocolate penis pops, like the Big Black Chocolate Penis Sucker here!

All Day Penis Sucker#7: All Day Penis Sucker

The All Day Penis Sucker is one of the very first products we ever sold on, and we're still selling it after all this time, so that should be a sign of its quality! It's available in three fruity flavors, and you'll receive a random assortment when you order!

Rainbow Penis Pop
#6: Rainbow Penis Lollipop

Why settle for a boring old flesh-colored penis pop when you can let your imagination run wild with crazy color combinations? The rainbow penis pop is perfect for a gay bachelor party or for a bachelorette who loves things to be colorful!

Penis Lollipop Bouquet
#5: Penis Lollipop Bouquet

Why just get one penis lollipop when you can get a whole bouquet full of them? The Penis Lollipop Bouquet is a great deal if you want penis pops for all your party guests. It comes with six suckers in six different fruit flavors to add a little variety to your party!

Penis Ring Pops
#4: Penis Ring Pops

Here's another great deal on a set of multiple penis pops: but this time, they're not just any pops, they're ring pops! Ring pops are super convenient since you can wear them on your finger and go anywhere, and these are no exception! 8 ring pops in each box!

Chocolate Cum Pop
#3: Chocolate Cum Pop

Here's another entry from the chocolate side of the lollipop world, and this one's one of our nastiest, raunchiest penis pops yet! This chocolate penis sucker is so realistic that it's even covered in a drizzle of white chocolate... well, you know what!

#2: Lollicock

The Lollicock is a truly gargantuan penis sucker for girls who know that size matters. This sucker is 6 inches long and over an inch thick, and it's all 100% solid candy cock. If you want a sucker that'll last all night, look no further. This one's not for the faint of heart!

99 Cent Penis Lollipop
#1: 99 Cent Penis Lollipop

It may not be the biggest or the flashiest, but the 99 Cent Penis Lollipop will always be our favorite. Just 99 cents for a tasty fruity penis that your bachelorette or any of your guests can enjoy - it's hard to argue with a deal like that!