Top Ten Rainbow Supplies

Everything's more fun with rainbows! Whether you're throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party, gay or straight, the guest of honor is sure to love a party decorated with all these radical rainbow party supplies! Here are our Top Ten Rainbow Items!

Rainbow Thong#10: Rainbow Thong

Supposedly they were once a legitimate form of underwear, but these days thongs are mostly used as gag gifts and as the butt (hah, get it?) of jokes. This rainbow thong will make a great gag gift for the bachelor or bachelorette!

Superfun Penis Candy#9: Superfun Penis Candy

Superfun Penis Candy is a super tasty bachelorette party snack that also happens to come in a rainbow of different colors! There's 100 pieces in this bag, plenty for all your guests to munch on!

Rainbow Penis Whistle Necklace#8: Rainbow Penis Whistle Necklace

What could be better than a rainbow necklace? A rainbow necklace lined with penises! And what could be better than that? If one of those rainbow penises was also a whistle, to help your party stay together when you go out!

Rainbow Penis Balloons#7: Rainbow Penis Balloons

Balloons and parties go hand in hand, so rainbow penis balloons are a natural fit for any kind of bachelorette party or bachelor party! This pack of colorful balloons includes a variety of colors to maximize your festive decorating.

Rainbow Pussy Pop#6: Rainbow Pussy Pop

It's not just dicks that get to be rainbow! This rainbow-colored vagina sucker is perfect for a bachelor party or a gay girl's bachelorette party. Or any other situation where you'd want to lick a rainbow vagina, which is probably lots of situations.

Rainbow Disco Ball Cup#5: Rainbow Disco Ball Cup

We think the Rainbow Disco Ball Cup is a perfect fit for ANY kind of party. While all of our penis- and vagina-shaped items might be inappropriate in some crowds, there's never a bad time to drink out of a rainbow disco ball!

Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun#4: Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun

If you don't think an explosion of shiny rainbow penises will instantly make your party 1000x better, you're just plain wrong. And the Rainbow Pecker Confetti Gun is the perfect way to ensure that an explosion of shiny rainbow penises happens, up to ten times.

Rainbow Penis Straws#3: Rainbow Penis Straws

What classier way could there be to sip your cocktail than through a rainbow penis straw? These are one of our bestselling items at, and it's no wonder why. They're super colorful and there's enough for everyone to get one!

Rainbow Penis Candle#2: Rainbow Penis Candle

If your idea of good party decorations includes a massive rainbow cock smack dab in the middle of the party, we support you wholeheartedly, and we've got just the cock for you. The Rainbow Penis Candle is big, realistic, and rainbow, and it smells great, too!

Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses#1: Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses

The Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses are our favorite rainbow bachelorette party item because they're super brightly colored, you can share them with all of your guests, and they're super practical, because of course you're going to be doing shots at your bachelor or bachelorette party!