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A Penish-Shaped Beer Bong

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Here is a fun bachelorette party drinking accessory. It is a beer bong that has a nozzle in the shape of a penis.

Hot Facts

  • Penis Shaped Beer Bong
  • Holds about 48 oz of liquid
  • Fast Way To Get Wasted

Item Description

Do you and your friends want to drink fast? Is there going to be a race to wastedville? A quick trip to drunktown? If so, this is the Greyhound Bus of beer drinking you'll need. It is a big beer funnel with a "dickhead" nozzle. The nozzle looks mostly like a penis and a little bit like a person. This person is called "The Dickhead" because he looks like a dick. I'm not sure why someone invented this product, but a dick-shaped drinking utensil is certainly something that you might want for a bachelorette party, so we are happy to sell it. 

We used to sell a similar product called the "Dong Bong" which I really liked. It was a big giant penis attached to a funnel. Like the dong was the size of a Stanley water bottle. That product was great. It was developed by a college student and he sold them out of his parents' garage. Eventually he graduated and got a real job. He left behind the dong bong business, which must have been making tens if not hundreds of dollars! It's been years since we've had a penis beer bong, so we are actually quite happy about this one. 

The funnel apparently has a 48 ounce capacity, so 4 beers if you are really good at holding the funnel level, but that's like filling a martini glass to the rim, so you might just start with 1 or 2 beers at a time. 

Customer Reviews

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Beach essential!

If I'm going to the beach I'm bringing this and another tube of real sunscreen. This thing holds quite a bit of rum and you can squirt it right into a can of diet coke. Perfect.

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