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The Candy Bra works as a naughty Suck For a Buck game or as a gag gift for the bachelorette and her hubby to enjoy. Purchase it in complete privacy at Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • The Candy Bra
  • Rainbow colored
  • One Size Fits Most (ties on)

Item Description

You know, bras are never comfortable, and the Candy Bra is no exception. At least the Candy Bra is cool as all hell! This edible bra ties on and is made of the same candy tarts you remember from childhood. The Candy Bra is rainbow-colored with a variety of flavored candies.

The Candy Bra features a really cute heart design. Take pictures of your bachelorette wearing her new brassiere. Make lucky boys at the bar eat it off her, in a twist on the classic Suck for a Buck Game (she can wear it over her shirt, of course). The Candy Bra also makes a great gift for the bride-to-be and her groom to enjoy.

Contains 1 Candy Bra.

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