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Clear balloons with boobie confetti inside. SALE
a package of clear balloons with boobie confetti inside. SALE

Glitter Boobie Confetti Balloons - 5

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The Glitter Boob Bachelorette Party Balloons have shiny gold, silver, and rose gold confetti Boobs inside. Plan the perfect party at

Hot Facts

  • Glitter Boob Balloons
  • 5 balloons
  • Boob confetti inside
  • Item Description

    We absolutely love the Glitter Boobie Confetti Balloons! These balloons are filled with a gold, rose gold, and silver metallic boobies. This is a really fun and unique (and we might even say classy) way to sneak some boobies into the bachelor party decor.

    If you love these bachelor party balloons and are looking to decorate your bachelor party with all the glitter boobie items, we've got you covered. There are napkins, plates, short cocktail straws, confetti, and a gift bag too!

    5 balloons.


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