Self-Inflating Penis Balloons

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Self-Inflating Penis Balloons take all the hard work out of setting up fantastic bachelorette party decorations and make it easier than ever to decorate your home with naughty penis balloons!

Hot Facts

  • Self-Inflating
  • Naughty Messages
  • 6 Per Pack

  • Item Description

    So, you want to decorate your upcoming bachelorette party with penis balloons. That’s great! They’re a fantastic decoration for bachelorette parties. There’s only one problem: to inflate a balloon, you have to blow into it. Which means, to inflate a penis balloon, you have to blow a penis. And you swore you’d never do that again. Isn’t never having to do that again the whole point of getting married?

    We feel you, girl. And we’ve got just the solution: Self-Inflating Penis Balloons. That’s right. Finally, penises that can blow themselves instead of making you do it. The future is now. All you have to do is whack these little mylar balloons real hard, breaking a packet inside that causes them to inflate. And whacking a penis sounds a loooot better than blowing one, doesn’t it? Trust us, we know. Here at, we’ve got your back for things like that.

    Each pack comes with three pink and three brown mini penis balloons, six bouquet sticks to attach them to, and a nice pink ribbon that could be used to hang them up. Each penis has a raunchy phrase like “Long Shlong” or “Booty Banger” printed on it. How could a penis be both so naughty and so considerate of your feelings? Well, not by being attached to a man, that’s for sure. Better yet, once inflated, these balloons stay inflated for over 2 months. Man, these are just sounding better and better than the real thing, huh?

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