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Silly Pecker Playing Cards SALE
Silly Pecker Playing Cards SALE
Silly Pecker Playing Cards SALE

Silly Pecker Playing Cards

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Silly Pecker Playing Cards have a different goofy cartoon penis design on each card, and they're perfect for playing drinking games and card games at the bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • 54 cards
  • A different penis drawing on each
  • Perfect for drinking games
  • Item Description

    Here’s a conundrum: you want a raunchy and occasion-appropriate deck of playing cards to use for bachelorette party games, but you don’t want to risk corrupting the bride’s pure mind with impure and adulterous thoughts by showing her images of actual naked men that aren’t her husband-to-be. Whatever are you to do? The answer is easy: Silly Pecker Playing Cards.

    While our naked man playing cards are borderline pornographic, this deck edges more on the silly side of naughtiness. Each card features a unique drawing of a cartoon penis in a huge variety of shapes and situations. Some of these card designs are so clever, and there are so many different ones, that they put our “pin the tail on the donkey” style games to shame. If you play your bachelorette party games with these, you can guarantee that your party guests will be talking about the winning hand long after the game is over.

    54 cards per deck.

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