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Super Fun Penis Straws - 8 pack SALE
Super Fun Penis Straws - 8 pack SALE
Super Fun Penis Straws - 8 pack SALE

Pink and Purple Penis Straws

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Pink and Purple Penis Straws are a fun way to drink your bachelorette party drinks! With ten per pack in a fun pink and purple assortment, everyone can suck one!

Hot Facts

  • Detailed Penises
  • Pink and Purple
  • 10 per Pack
  • Item Description

    Of all the penis-themed bachelorette party decorations and supplies out there, few are more vital or more hilarious than penis straws. After all, you’re literally sucking a little dick when you drink through them. There’s no end to the jokes that can (and will) be made about that. And if you’re going to suck a dick, you probably want to suck a high-quality dick. That’s why sells only the best penis straws on the market, like these Pink and Purple Penis Straws.

    Pink and Purple Penis Straws, like the name suggests, come in an evenly mixed pack of pink and purple straws with realistic penis designs at the top. Penis straws are perfect for any drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Go ahead and stick them in or pull them out, whatever you desire.

    8 straws per pack.

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