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Penis Soap - For Very Dirty Hands

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The Veiny Chode Penis Soap is small, cute and hilarious. Get this soap as a gag gift or as a house party decoration.

Hot Facts

  • Veiny Chode Penis Soap
  • Fresh scent

Item Description

Imagine this. The bachelorette shows up at her bachelorette party, which you are throwing at a girlfriend's house. There are balloons, a banner, and a snack table that's been adorned with crazy penis snacks. You put a tiara on your bachelorette, and a sash. She is so happy! You've thought of every hilarious detail.

Before you sit down for your pizza dinner, the bachelorette rushes off to the bathroom to wash her hands. She thinks she has seen all of your crazy decorations ... but, oh no. There is one more. She picks up the soap to wash her hands and realizes ... she is holding a little, veiny blue penis. Aaaaagghhh!!

Great bachelorette parties are all about conversation, laughter and memories. Getting a hilarious and unexpected item, like the Veiny Chode Penis Soap, can make the party even more fun.

1 blue penis soap. 3 inches by 2.25 inches by 0.80 inches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fun and useful gag gift

Husband found this pretty hilarious. Said he'd never washed his nuts with another pair of nuts before!

I've never felt so dirty

I've never felt so dirty while getting clean :P

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