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Dirty Bitch Soap SALE
Dirty Bitch Soap SALE

Dirty Bitch Soap - for the Bachelorette Party Bathroom

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The Dirty Bitch Soap smells great and tells it like it is! Add those little final touches to your decorations with help from

Hot Facts

  • Dirty Bitch Soap
  • For the filthy broads
  • A great gag gift or decoration
  • Item Description

    Why pull punches? Sometimes you've just got to tell it like it is. If your bachelorette is a dirty bitch, let her know. I mean, she probably knows it, deep down inside. Help her celebrate who she is with the Dirty Bitch soap!

    This Dirty Bitch soap makes a great gag gift, or a decoration for the bachelorette party. Just sneak it into the bathroom and wait for the fits of giggles you'll hear through the bathroom door.

    This soap has a scent like freesia or fresh linen or maybe honeysuckle. (Hey ... we're party experts, not soap smelling experts.) It's strong, pretty, and floral. It's the size of your standard bar of soap.

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