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Fun Boobie Balloons SALE
Fun Boobie Balloons SALE

Fun Boobie Balloons

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If you want some really fun balloons for your bachelor party, you've got to decorate the place with the Fun Boobie Balloons!

Hot Facts

  • White Balloons
  • Cartoon Penis Design
  • Six Per Pack
  • Item Description

    Have you ever heard somebody refer to a woman’s breasts as “fun balloons?” Pretty crude, right? It’s like, come on, guys, have some respect. Besides, that metaphor barely even makes sense. Boobs don’t grow when you blow on them or explode when you poke them with a fork (well, except Pamela Anderson’s, maybe). The textures feel nothing alike. Really, the only similarity between boobs and balloons is that they’re both vaguely round.

    Unless you consider the possibility that guys who use that phrase are comparing a woman’s boobs to the Fun Boobie Balloons. In that case, it’s actually a compliment. I mean, just look at the boobs on these balloons. So big, yet so perky. So vibrantly colored and full of life. The bachelor is probably wishing his bride-to-be’s boobs were as fun as these balloons.

    6 balloons per pack.

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    Russ L.
    Good Decorations

    We needed some decorations for the Bachelor Pre-party at my house and these were just right.

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