Bachelorette Party Card Game Comparison Test

Bachelorette Party Card Game Comparison Test

Executive Summary

We take each game out of its package and play with it to see which ones are best for each party.

Quick Facts

  • The Best Bachelorette Games
  • Which game is best for an at-home party? A bar party?

The Best Bachelorette Party Card and Dare Games

Here at, we take bachelorette parties very seriously. In this comparison test we gathered up card games and dare games. It's important to make the bachelorette's last night out a memorable one, and playing a party game is best way to energize the bride-to-be and the guests...but which bachelorette party game should you purchase?

After thorough assessment, and hours of intense game-playing, I ranked the following bachelorette party games based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. This in-depth, Bachelorette Party Game Comparison Test will undoubtedly help you determine which games will make your party a real bash.

Bachelorette's Bar Challenge: Rating: 7
This deck of cards comes with a set of rules that creates a very structured game. Make sure you check out all of the rules before you begin drinking! The challenges are amusing, but most of them are for the bachelorette to perform and aren't applicable to the rest of the guests. Of course you can play this game any way that you'd like to. Beware: there is a lot of drinking, flirting, and kissing involved. Maybe that IS best left to the bachelorette.

I Never Have But I Will: Rating: 8
This bachelorette party game has a much different attitude than the Bachelorette Bar Challenge. The only guideline of this game is to have fun! Also, the challenges can be tackled by everyone. There doesn't have to be a winner or a loser in this game. This deck of cards provides challenges for the novelty store, karaoke bar, strip club, and dance club. I laughed at challenges like, "Approach a guy eating peanuts and say, 'Mmmm. I love salty nuts." The creators of this game realize that the bar is not the only place visited by bachelorette parties.

What the Fuck - The Filthy Questions Game: Rating: 8
In this very popular series of games, all you do is take turns asking each other questions. But the thing is, these are questions like "Would you be willing to nail shingles to your feet for a 1-in-4 chance to win your dream home?" or "What business would you prefer to own? a) an adult diaper changing service b) an art studio where sculptures are made out of used vibrators and dildos?" And the best part is, even though only one person is answering the question at any time, everyone can play by guessing what they will answer. And whoever guesses wrong drinks! There are other versions of this game in the bachelorette party games section too. The only reason we didn't rate this game higher is because it's not the most portable; it won't fit in your pocket, but you could probably still bring it to the bar if you have a large purse.

Mr Wong Game: Rating: 9
We used to sell a game called "Male Stereotypes," and it was a huge hit. The Mr. Wrong game is a lot like that - but even better, because the stereotypes it includes are even funnier and there's more activities and dares to perform. We like this amusing card game because it is an entertaining and different idea for a bachelorette party or girls' night out. This game is sort of a bachelorette party scavenger hunt where you find different types of guys who seem to fit certain stereotypes. Like we don't do that already, right? Once you find the guy, there are questions you can ask him and dares you can perform to earn points. Each card has a very funny illustration of a type of guy you would find at the bar. For example: Mr. Player, Mr. Soldier, or Mr. Pothead. The girl who can get the most points by asking questions or performing actions described on her card is the winner. It's a hilarious time for everyone involved, and the guys probably won't mind that you're stereotyping them if it means you're talking to them.

Who is the Biggest Pervert?: Rating: 7
This is a lot like the party game "Never Have I Ever" - one player draws a card and asks the question, and anyone who has done the thing described on the card has to drink. I'm sure you remember this game, without the cards, from your college days. So why are the cards even necessary? Well, maybe they're not. But if you want to find out some truly interesting and raunchy things about your friends (and we know you do), trust us, these cards have some questions to ask that (we hope) you'd never come up with in a million years or a million bachelorette parties. It definitely got rating points for the sheer uniqueness of some of these questions. And raunchiness. If you couldn't guess from the title, this is not a game for the faint of heart or easily embarrassed. Probably not the best to play if grandma's at the party.

We know how busy you can become when you are planning the biggest, wildest, most embarrassing bachelorette party your town has ever seen. That's why we are here to help. Because has such a large variety of products, it may nbe overwhelming to choose which item will be best for your party. We hope the Bachelorette Party Games Comparison Test narrows your search for the perfect bachelorette activity.