Top Ten Bachelorette Party Favors

The Bachelorette Party should be all about the bachelorette, of course, but a good one makes all the guests feel like princesses too! One of the best ways to do that is by giving them some awesome party favors to remember the night by. Here are's Top Ten Party Favors!

Pink Mardi Gras Beads#10: Pink Mardi Gras Beads

Mardi Gras Beads are a cute fashion accessory that go with any outfit, and these pink strands are perfect for a bachelorette party! Each pack comes with a dozen necklaces so every guest can have one.

Flavored Condoms#9: Flavored Condoms

Flavored Condoms are inherently funny. Like, as if a little bit of artificial flavoring is going to make a condom any less gross. Bachelorette parties are often raunchy affairs, so condoms make a perfect party favor for them!

Penis Whistle#8: Penis Whistle

Look how cute this little penis whistle is on its lacy string! Penis whistles make great bachelorette party favors, and double as a way for you to find each other in a crowded bar or club!

Penis Ring Pops#7: Penis Ring Pops

Okay, we're not really sure if something they'll consume at the party counts as a party favor, but these tasty penis-shaped ring pops still make a great thing to give out to your guests!

Blow Me Fan#6: "Blow Me" Fan

When you turn this fan on, it tells whoever's looking at you to "Blow Me!" in red LEDs. We think it's hilarious and would rate this a lot higher, but it's a bit more expensive than other favors on the list, so it may not be viable for a large party.

Jumbo Diamond Rings#5: Jumbo Diamond Rings

Why should the bride to be get the only diamond ring? These classy party favors will give every guest the chance to feel like a bride, with a way bigger diamond than the one the groom probably got!

Bachelorette Party ID Buttons#4: Bachelorette Party ID Buttons

With 12 different buttons in the set, everyone at your party should be able to find one that identifies them - from serious ones like "Bridesmaid" and "Bride" to silly ones like "World's Best Kisser" and "Party Animal!"

Grow a Boyfriend#3: Grow A Boyfriend

Are some of your guests jealous that the bride-to-be is getting married? Don't worry, they'll find a good man of their own too - and if they can't, then they can just grow one, with the awesome Grow a Boyfriend party favor!

Penis Shot Glasses#2: Penis Shot Glasses

Ah, don't you love a gift that's as practical as it is pretty? Your guests can use these pink and purple penis shot glasses to take shots at the party, then keep them as a memento of the crazy drunken time you had!


the pecker inspector badge

#1: Pecker Inspector Badge


The Pecker Inspector Badge is our favorite bachelorette party favor! It's visible, fun, and it encourages interaction with the people you meet.  It'll prompt all kinds of dirty jokes about checking out the guys. All-around a great party favor for bachelorette parties!