Top Ten Gag Gifts

Giving the bride-to-be a gag gift is a venerated bachelorette party tradition. It wouldn't be a real bachelorette party if she didn't get super embarrassed opening a box to find some crazy gift inside! But you're probably already stressed enough picking wedding gifts, how will you pick out yet another gift for her? Don't worry, has you covered with our Top Ten Gag Gifts for the Bachelorette.

Furry Handcuffs#10: Furry Handcuffs

Nobody can see a pair of furry handcuffs without their mind going to some kinky places, so the bachelorette will definitely be embarrassed by the implication of receiving these as a gift!

Pecker Voodoo Doll#9: Pecker Voodoo Doll

Finally, on opportunity to take out all that pent-up aggression against the male sex in a socially acceptable way! Don't be surprised if all the guests want a turn with this Pecker Voodoo Doll, too.


Big Momma Undies#8: Big Momma Undies

Woah, momma! Those are some big undies! We maybe wouldn't suggest this gift for a bride who's self-conscious about her weight, but if it's something she can laugh about, she'll be laughing her ass off at - and into - these giant undies!


Jack Rabbit Vibrator#7: Jack Rabbit Vibrator

A sex toy is a great gift to get for a friend who's getting married. After all, she's probably going to need it in the years to come, if she can only ever have sex with that guy! 





Blowjob Bib#5: Blowjob Bib

Blowjobs can get a little messy. If you go too fast, you might wind up with cream everywhere. What? We're talking about the alcoholic drink! And surely the bachelorette will know that's what you're talking about when you give her this bib, right?

 #6: Pecker Beach Towel

Oh my god, when did Julie grow a dick? And it’s so… big. My god. This could be a catastrophe. If the bride-to-be sees it, she might just leave the groom for it, because there’s no way he could compare to such a massive member. She’d better cover that thing up, quick. Someone get her a towel… oh. Wait a minute. It is a towel!

Stressticles#4: Stressticles Stress Balls

Maybe you've squeezed stress balls to relieve tension before, but have you ever squeezed stress balls? Well that's exactly what Stressticles are. She'll be so grossed out by this that it's sure to bring everyone some great laughs.


Gummy Underwear#3: Edible Panties

Edible underwear really puts the "gag" in "gag gift." In general, gummy underwear is not very good tasting, and it makes a bit of a mess. But don't tell her that - she and her new hubby can learn that for themselves!


New Husband Voodoo Doll#2: New Husband Voodoo Doll

Marriage can be a real challenge sometimes, so give her a leg up on the competition with this New Husband Voodoo Doll! She'll think it's silly at first, but she'll be thanking you when it works! (Disclaimer: Won't actually work, unless the bachelorette is a witch) 

Fundies#1: Fundies

Fundies are one of the silliest products we've ever come across, and with all the plastic dicks we sell, that's really saying something. Fundies are a pair of underwear for two, making them a natural gift for married couples. Plus, you can play potato sack race-type games with them at the bachelorette party!