Top Ten Veils, Tiaras and Hats

Good bachelorette party fashion starts from the head down. She's getting all dressed up for her wedding day, so she ought to for her bachelorette party, too! The bride to be will really stand out in a crowd with the help of these fantastic veils, tiaras, and hats!

Flashing Devil Horns#10: Flashing Devil Horns

Does your bachelorette have a bit of a naughty streak, maybe even bordering on what you'd call devilish? Give everyone in her warpath fair warning by making her wear these light-up devil horns!

Mini Cowgirl Hat#9: Mini Cowgirl Hat

Yee-haw, cowgirl! This cute white mini cowgirl hat is the perfect fashion accessory for the bachelorette who's a country girl at heart. It's pretty small and clips into her hair, so it won't get in the way of other accessories!

BtB Tiara and Veil#8: Bride to Be Tiara and Veil

Can't decide whether she should wear a tiara or a veil at her party? Why choose when you can have both! The Bride to Be Tiara and Veil combines these two things into a wonderful and elegant fashion accessory.

Light Up Penis Veil#7: Light Up Penis Veil

The Light Up Penis Veil isn't our favorite veil, but if the bachelorette wants to attract as much attention as possible, it's the best choice by far. A veil is already attention-getting, but a veil with big rainbow light-up penises on it? How could anyone NOT notice that?

Cowgirl Hat and Veil#6: Cowgirl Hat and Veil

The Cowgirl Hat and Veil combines the best parts of the Mini Cowgirl Hat and the Veil+Tiara combination to make a unique piece of headwear that's absolutely perfect for a country girl bachelorette.

Drinking Helmet#5: Pink Drinking Helmet

Finally, a bachelorette party head accessory that's as functional as it is fashionable! This cute pink helmet has places on either side where you can fit cans of beer, and straws that run from them to your mouth so she can drink on the go!

Penis Dooby Boppers#4: Penis Dooby Boppers

So maybe they're not technically a veil or a tiara or a hat, but we think the Penis Dooby Bopper headband is some of the best bachelorette party headwear we've ever seen. Who wouldn't want two springy, glittery penises bouncing on their head when they walk around?

Our Own Veil#3: Our Own Veil

If you're throwing a penis-free bachelorette party and want the bride to be to look as classy as possible, this is the veil you want! We make this veil ourselves, so we can ensure that it's high quality and keep it highly affordable!

Bachelorette Tiara#2: Bachelorette Tiara

Nothing will make her feel like a princess quite like this shiny, sparkling silver tiara! It glimmers in the light with big letters spelling "Bachelorette," so everyone who sees her will know who she is and that they should pay her homage!

Naughty Veil#1: Naughty Veil

Finally, our #1 bachelorette party headwear is the Naughty Veil. From afar, it looks like a regular, classy white wedding veil - but when you get close, you realize that it's covered in little rainbow penises! We love this combination of classy and raunchy, and think it's the best thing for a bachelorette to wear.